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A dictionary of slang - B - Slang and colloquialisms of.

Possibly the most popular collection of English slang available online, now listing over 4000 words and phrases...

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Topic: A dictionary of slang - B - Slang and colloquialisms of.

Possibly the most popular collection of English slang available online, now listing over 4000 words and phrases...

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Over 100 Australian Slang Terms & Phrases | A Guide to. Arriving into Australia with little knowledge of Australian slang may get you into a few awkward situations. So read our Aussie slang guide with video

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Drug slang terms - street names for drugs Drug slang terms - street names of drugs and drug abuse

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Bitch (slang) - Wikipedia Bitch, literally meaning a female dog, is a pejorative slang word for a person—usually a woman—who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, a control freak.

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New 60's Slang Dictionary - Hawthorne High School In the early 60's, as today, the young people had a different lingo and it, as today, drove our parents nuts. These are a few of the slang words that were used in the.

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American Jobsite Slang - American Made Since 1892 American Made, Union Made Work Boots - Over 125 Styles - Thorogood, WorkOne, HellFire - Lowest Prices!

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A dictionary of slang - A - English slang of the UK A dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms currently used in Britain (UK).

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CB SLANG The list below represents just about every CB-ism you'll run across. Please keep in mind that if you jump on the air with a sentence full of slang words and.

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Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary A comprehensive list of Cockney Rhyming Slang terms with examples of how to use them.

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AUSTRALIAN SLANG | Western Australia | www.wanowandthen.com This is not intended to be a complete dictionary of Australian slang and terminology but I have put a few Aussie slang words, local names and terms together here and.

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ESL Slang Page: Complete Listing airhead: stupid person. 'Believe it or not, Dave can sometimes act like an airhead!' amigo: friend (from Spanish). 'I met many amigos at Dave's ESL Cafe.'

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Homosexinfo - Sexuality - A Brief Glossary of Homosexual. A brief glossary of the endearing terms homosexuals use for various sexual activities.

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Netpython - Wikipedia De netpython (Malayopython reticulatus) is een grote slang uit de familie pythons (Pythonidae). De soort werd lange tijd tot het geslacht Python gerekend.

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bitch - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReference Compound Forms/Forme composte bitch | b**ch: Inglese: Italiano: b**ch, b*tch n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. vulgar, slang (unpleasant woman.

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The Online Slang Dictionary | Urban Thesaurus Find slang words by meaning, and find synonyms of slang words on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus).

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Australian slang dictionary - Koala Net Learn these Australian slang words and phrases and you'll feel at home on your first day Down Under.

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The Online Slang Dictionary | Real definitions. Real slang. A dictionary of real slang words. The Online Slang Dictionary has a slang ('urban') thesaurus, maps, usage voting, offensiveness ratings, and more.

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Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang. A. Alderman: A man’s pot belly; Ameche: Telephone; Ankle: (n) Woman (v) To walk; B. Babe: Woman; Baby: A person, can be said to either a man or a woman

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